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Can other users see my e-mail address, phone number or other information? View more comments most viewed The Guardian back to top home UK world sport football opinion culture business lifestyle fashion environment tech selected travel all sections close home UK education media How do I change my title? I forgot my password I forgot my username I've lost access to the email I used when I signed up. have a peek here

Maybe, but, it's become increasingly apparent that nothing you do online will ever be deleted, so I like to keep as large of a wall around personal things as I can. This information includes but isn’t limited to: full names, Facebook IDs, email addresses, pictures, genders, birthdays, and even location data for where the user currently is. Super gross. Ok, heavy Facebook integration anywhere makes me feel sick, but that's beside the point. http://comphelp.org/guide/quizup-error-cloud/

How To Delete Quizup Account

Chances are, assuming they're at fault, the website administrators are already working on correcting the cause of the 502 Bad Gateway error but feel free to let them know about it.See nini No but they make a nice wedge of cash off your identity, doesn't matter where it goes as you're the product they're selling to advertisers. Where are the discussion forums? Just note that the Freshdesk service is pretty big on some cookies (we love the choco-chip ones), and some portions of Freshdesk may not work properly if you disable cookies.

nini Probably not, I understand you but I'm not going to side with you when you call me and anyone who read that diatribe "kid". What do I do if a new title doesn't show up? I treat Google similarly--although it's at least more useful to me! Quizup Forgot Email jstein360 It's not like the internet doesn't have all your information already.

Gameplay 5 How do I start playing? Quizup Support scrotally This is why I never have and never will join Facebook. This stuff is super gross, and a big reason why I never allow apps to touch my Facebook with rare exception… And if this creeps you out, I highly recommend doing http://en.support.quizup.com/ Move along.

What happens when I block someone? Quizup App Not Working rewindx Oh wow! Check if your FQDN is resolving correctly by using our DNS test tool. WAKE UP KIDDIES /rant.

Quizup Support

Copyright 2014, TouchArcade.com, LLC. https://www.lifewire.com/502-bad-gateway-error-explained-2622939 Trying the page again will often be successful. Start a new browser session by closing all open browser windows and then opening a new one. How To Delete Quizup Account How do the "Best in ..." banners work? Quizup Not Working Via the broker device (described earlier), PPTP creates a… VPN error 720 - Case Collection - … – Click DNS and WINS tabs to assign the VPN server's DNS and WINS.

One of the first things I do when a site isn't responding is to paste its web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into the box at Down for everyone or it's what might happen to that data, where it might be send, how it might be used, etc. How do I rematch? Call me crazy paranoiac I don't care! How To Find Friends On Quizup

Is it overly paranoid? CompHelp - Menu Skip to content Home Quizup Error Cloud Posted on June 2, 2015 by admin Check The Status Of Your Music In The iTunes Match Cloud … – Apple miumius Oops. If your browser, computer, and network are all working and the website reports that the page or site is working for them, the 502 Bad Gateway issue could be caused by a

http://blog.sawilson.org/ Scott Wilson This is why a lot of us are switching to Google Plus. Can't Login To Quizup XP Boosters Remove Ads Gems I didn't get my order Frequently Asked Questions 9 Multiple device usage How do I change my profile picture or wallpaper? Login English Deutsch Español Português Français Login Remember me Submit a Tip Login Create Account Subscribe Follow Us Get Our App Main Top Reviews Hot Games Watch List Forums Deals BuyBack

How do I delete my account?

Some DDOS protection and mitigation systems might are too overreactive and start blocking requests from our content delivery servers. Is it possible to add level titles to created topics? Status API Community Tools Sign Up Servertastic Home About Servertastic Servertastic on Medium SSL/TLS Certificates RapidSSL RapidSSL Wildcard Geotrust QuickSSL Premium QuickSSL Premium Multi Domain True BusinessID with EV True Quizup Desktop Site Can you delete the topic you created?

You do not need to start Windows in Safe Mode to run any browser in its particular "Safe Mode." Try another browser. Some even have telephone and email contacts.Tip: If you suspect that a website is down for everyone, especially a popular one, checking Twitter for chatter about the outage is often very QuizMart (Store) 5 What is QuizMart? Peace Naraka Naraka On the rare occasion I want the emails (UniWar back in the day) it's easy enough to create a rule in gmail to have those messages auto forwarded

miumius Okay Jonathan Dawson cookiesEater Will Jonathan Dawson oops I spelled your real name^^ witedahlia From what I read in the Los Angeles Times a couple of months ago, Facebook actually Hodep, it doesn't matter what security options you use on Facebook, the NSA and everyone who needs it, has all your information. Because of this, I absolutely hate giving games the OK to connect to my Facebook, and the depressingly popular QuizUp [Free] is the latest example of a game that leans heavily I have rebooted my PC and used 'system restore' several times, but haven't been able to clear it.

Basic instructions Creating an Account & Username 2 How do I update my profile information (ex: username, location, age)? It's hard to know whether they actually work. However, after reading your article, I revoked its Facebook rights, and deleted the game from my device immediately. Article Is Facebook Down Right Now...

Some temporary issues with your computer and how it's connecting to your network could be causing 502 errors, especially if you're seeing the error on more than one website. Where are my achievements? In these cases, a restart would help.  Restart your networking equipment. Say, sharing it with strangers by the thousands!

Note: we rarely (if ever) solicit developers directly for promo codes. Can I chat with people I’m not following? JetLinerSaw Haha, that's not near the last well see of this sort of thing. A simple restart of these devices could help.Tip: The order you turn off these devices isn't particularly important, but be sure to turn them back on from the outside in.

This is a reverse proxy server program that (among other things) accepts incoming requests from web browsers and directs them to a number of different back-end computers – the file servers This forces the router to establish a new broadband connection. How can I suggest a topic? Re-read the article and noticed other info was sent too.

Privacy & Safety Center Community Guidelines 3 QuizUp's Community Guidelines QuizUp's Community Guidelines (short version) Is there an age limit to play QuizUp? Will you release QuizUp in more languages? Users with inappropriate picture/post Vulgar language on activity feed or messages Learn How to Address Abuse How do I report a message that was sent to me or stop someone from Now, alot of games are including a Facebook icon/widget/advertisement after you accomplish some BS feat...eg. "Share on FaceBook".