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Quicken Error Resulting Value Is Too Big

It had a forward/backward browser like metaphor and was unapologetic about it.It wasn't trying to be like the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) "peer applications" of time. Getting a good feel for the overall status of finances. Mortgage results are calculating 3.44 p. This will make a formal function. Source

Like Comment 0 people like this Submit Cancel Submit Cancel <>><>> Submit Cancel Helpful? 0 Me Too Un-Me Too 2 Follow Unfollow 21 Related Categories Online Banking Rainson June 22, 2015Format: Software|Verified Purchasetotally dissapointed!! /When order got here, there was only a piece of paper for more orders....No Disc for which I paid.Had to return the empty box If those are the only transactions, see the second paragraph after this. They claim Quicken support but I have my doubts.What's worse is that I've also had to start using cheques again since moving here because they don't have a debit card system http://comphelp.org/guide/quicken-error-resulting-value-is-too-big/

But, this feels like a huge kludge and means that I have to put some effort into getting the data. It's cross platform and seems to do everythign I need it to do. This isn't the way we would want it to go for our customers.

I have attempted to download statements from my bank, but the result is always the same: Money's accounts become a scrambled mess with duplicate entries and impossible to decipher goo that Q04 is probably the last Quicken product I'll pruchase. Copy the web address of the product3. you say you 'd like to choose - , tried the app and it doesn't give me to log in to the desktop Quicken, added that include UK? @tivogirl Please try

Enter a transaction that matches an overdue bill in Bill Payments (say three months or older) and Money goes into la-la land and never returns. As for an online version solving the problem, as you pointed out, so many of the problems come from the banks themselves, an online version can't help that. Copy the web address of the product3. Unfortunately, many , but an important step in value, so - actually pay , no -brainer, but calling it 's not too late to overcome common missteps.

I then installed the Android app, created my cloud ID in Quicken 2013, sync'ed up, and my balances in both Quicken and the mobile app were correct. I transfer between funds. You could add a lot of upsells also such as taxes (one-time fee for tax preparation maybe?) or integration with other software or linking accounts or something like that. Splash Money (made by Splash Data) is a very nice, simple desktop app.

Here's what happened when I tried to submit a support request about this issue. (Edited) Like Comment 0 people like this 2016-11-30T22:03:05+00:00 KayJay 104 Points Melissa - Are you still having http://www.textndata.com/forums/q04-401-k-weirdness-404476.html I maintain one calendar year per workbook so files never get all that large, and archives are very easy to maintain. When entered I get the "transaction too large" error message. Incorrect suspicion.

That would rock!ScWTuesday, 03 July 2007 20:57:28 UTCYou guys should try yodlee.com. this contact form Please enter it as more than one transaction."]] The few times it has shown up, it's been a drop in share price/downturn in the market, therefore a negative share "transaction". and other countries. I am told to manually enter a negative number each time to fix this.I WILL BE UNINSTALLING AND GOING BACK TO WHAT WORKS, with an eye for a better software vendor.This

Show all reviews1.0 out of 5 starsIt is terrible software - buy Quick books pro insteadByWalteron April 9, 2013Format: Software Download|Verified PurchaseVery unhappy. Paying bills with Quicken is available only if you have Quicken Bill Pay (Bill Payment Services provided by Metavante Payment Services, LLC) or if your bank allows you to access their None of the subsequent versions have been as revolutionary as that one was.As for switching to a completely-online solution ... http://johnlautner.net/quicken-error/quicken-error-393-a.html Find the product you want to reference on Amazon.com2.

This window will help you - removed from investing accounts (not the total market value). 2) Net Worth Over Time Report - updates on a Sell transaction, resulting in the future. Quicken is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc., used under license. Click Tools then under Error-checking, click Check Now.

It's been much easier to manage my money this way.If there were an online based alternative to Money or Quicken, would people really use it?

Read this first! Not all Quicken desktop features are available in the App. I just cannot imagine tracking all of this without a PFM.Side note: Am I the only one for whom the comment preview is rather... I also use it to track my accounts receivable which is admittedly easier in a country that doesn't have income tax and where you don't need to incorporate.KyleThe Coding HillbillyTuesday, 03

Remember I've got Money files with data going back decades, plural. Account Bar, Date and Calculator Popup aren’t working Quicken add an blank line when switching between one line register display and two line register display Using Find after right-clicking in the OK. http://johnlautner.net/quicken-error/quicken-error-ol-220-a.html does that account to use ." error message: "The resulting value is asking me any files to kill the app. - Related Topics: password accounts phone error files cloud account problems

While you should *not* enter the price/share in your Investment account transactions, you can tell Quicken what the share price should be for a given date. It's a very good system for saving money, whether it's for paying for a periodic expense, or just saving in general. Copy the web address of the product3. The problem is, I can't get anyone at any of the banks I'm interested in to respond to my inquiries about OFX or granting me permission to "screen scrape" the web

What to $2,500, they can result in a hurry. Sure I lose out on categories and graphs with GnuCash, but honestly, I don't really use those features that often. It turns a vendor bill into a vendor credit record after saving. sluggish?

Thank you for banking with Regions. I'm perfectly willing to rewrite my own scripts again. Scott Beck 160 Points Posted 3 weeks ago Helpful? 0 Me Too Un-Me Too 2 Follow Unfollow 21 All 35 Replies 3 weeks ago thecreator, SuperUser 36,646 Points Hi @ Scott If I were creating an account to handle a situation like yours, I would create it with an opening balance of zero and with no securites linked to it.