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Rebooting Windows Xp


Note that it only “restores” previous settings in the registry and Windows system files. Alternatively, performing a system restore reverts the OS to a previous state, which is not exactly like a clean install, but could help you get your system working properly. I’ll try to explain how you can perform each one of these methods in the article below. This is a good option if your system has become infected with a virus or malware you can't remove, but your data is clean. http://johnlautner.net/windows-xp/que-windows-xp.html

For me, factory settings means getting the computer back to the state when you first bought it. Restore Factory Settings – System Restore System Restore is a built-in tool in Windows that allows you to roll back the system to a previous state. If you're scared to lose some data with a clean install, go for a repair install. If system restore is disabled, you can read my post on how to enable system restore again. https://neosmart.net/wiki/restore-to-factory-settings/

How To Restore Windows Xp To Factory Settings

My recommendation is to perform a clean install, which is better than restoring the factory image that you either get on DVD or that is located on a hidden partition in You can use system restore to get rid of spyware, but if system restore does not fix your problem, you’ll have to resort to either a clean install of the OS '); doc.close(); })(); Online Tech Tips Search Menu Windows Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Tips Computer Tips Google Tips

Another way to think about it is to perform a clean install of the operating system, so that you are working with a bare bones version of the OS. However, this may not be the most ideal choice. For the most part, if you're at this stage, your computer must be really in bad shape. How To Wipe Windows Xp Lastly, there is a repair install, which basically replaces all of the Windows system files, but keeps your data intact.

System Restore is the safest, but usually can't fix major malware infections. How To Factory Reset Windows Xp Without Cd Windows and all apps will be wiped, but your data will be kept. The difference between a clean install and restoring to factory settings is the fact that the former does not include any junk third party software. It will also uninstall any applications that you might have installed after the restore point was created.

Depending on how you look at it and version of Windows you are running, factory settings can mean several things. How To Factory Reset Windows Xp Professional You can read my previous post on how to restore your computer using the System Restore feature.